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Darlynn Joy

I have known since I was a child that I could sense more than what appeared. I thought everyone could see colors around people, feel what others were feeling and sense when people were in their 'truth' or not.

Over 30 years ago I was awakened to the appreciation of my gifts. It started with a heightened psychic awareness and progressed to a path of truth seeking and enlightenment. I have had the privilege to study with many masters.

As a spiritual healer, new consciousness teacher and life strategy coach, I have learned to work with my gifts to help others fully appreciate their uniqueness and achieve greatness.

I am an Ordained Officiate and Reiki Master. I can facilitate both Reiki and Lightwave Energy Healing hands on, or indirectly through distance modality.

I also practice Raindrop and Emotional Release Technique Therapies, Ascension and Transition Guidance, Personal and Property Clearings, Spiritual Life Counsel, Public Speaking, Workshops, Seminars and Sacred Ceremonies.

I am an artist of many mediums, most recently, custom murals and feature walls.

I am a messenger of knowledge - teaching responsibility to be in charge of your own wellness (Universal Health). It is my pure intent that you will feel empowered to create and maintain optimal health and open and expand your potential for healing and being.

Jay Fox
Animal–Wise Tarot Reader

Jay has been reading cards for over 40 years. His intuition and inspired animal-guide interpretation has helped many people to grow with newfound insight. This talented Tarot Reader of Native American ancestry will show you the Animal-Wise way of working through life's issues, and how the wisdom of your animal-guides can assist and support you on your life's journey.

Jill Breitzman
Meridian Stress Analysis

Clear, unblocked energy flow allows us to feel at our best. Just like electricity in your home, energy in your body needs to flow for optimum health. Bioenergetics is a modality that can measure, record, and balance body energy my measuring the stress on your energy meridians.

Jill Breitzman has been a Pediatric nurse for over 10yrs and is certified in her field. She is also the mom to 2 great kids. Her personal journey of dealing with difficult medical situations, lead her to the world of Bioenergetics. She learned how energy flow through the body can help us feel our best or blocked energy can cause us to experience physical symptoms and problems. Recently, she became certified in Meridian Stress Analysis and uses this technique to help people understand energy imbalances in their body and how this balance can be restored. Another piece of the puzzle that Jill is passionate about is nutrient supplementation to ensure the body has the fuel it needs to perform at its best. Jill is enthusiastic about helping people understand how nutrient and energy balance in the body helps renew strength, vitality and help the body function at its optimal level. Balance and wellness in harmony.